Fryer Tool Kit

The right tools to scrub away stubborn grease deposits and clean hard-to-reach areas of the fryer faster, easier and safer.

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  • Monogram Clean Force Code: 60226-96-00
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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits:

Ergonomically designed, lightweight, and durable handle with interchangeable tool heads

Hi-temp scrubbing pads, steel scrubbers, and detail brush for effective cleaning of all fryer interior surfaces

Long, narrow cleaning pads enable you to clean hard-to-reach areas

Stainless steel scrubber effectively removes stubborn deposits

Heat-resistant up to 350 degrees F

Dishmachine safe


Fryer Cleaning


  • (12) Stainless Steel Scrub Pads -
  • (10) Hi-Temp Pads - #60226-07-00
  • (1) Fryer Multi-Tool Head - #60226-08-00
  • (1) Fryer Detail Brush - #60226-03-00
  • (1) Fryer Handle - #60226-00-00

Effective Against/On:

Deep Fryers

How To Use

How To Use:

  1. Turn off fryer and allow it to cool to 120-130° F. Drain oil and move fryer baskets to sink.
  2. Using a small bucket or pan, flush the debris out with the valve open.
  3. Spray Monogram Clean Force Glove-Free No Boil Fryer Cleaner on warm 120-130° F fryer surfaces. Cover soiled fryer areas completely with products; should require 2-4 fl oz per fryer.
  4. Let product penetrate baked-on soil deposits for 1-5 minutes. At room temperature, allow 5 minutes. Reapply product as needed.
  5. Using Fryer Cleaner Tool Kit, scrub to remove baked-on soil in & around the fryer. For heavy soil, more product may be applied.
  6. Rinse with hot potable water (min. 110° F) and wipe down with a clean rag.
  7. Ensure the fryer is dry and free of water before refilling with oil.

For best results clean fryer with Monogram Clean Force Glove-Free No Boil Fryer Cleaner every 3 - 4 days.


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