Monogram Clean Force All Surface Floor Cleaner

Quickly cleans grease and other soils on a variety of floor surfaces. When used regularly, it helps maintain the floor’s natural slip-resistance and appearance.

  • US Foods APN: 2959917
  • Monogram Clean Force Code: 8000478
  • Icon #: F22
  • GTIN Number: 10780852001826
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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits:

Good for grease removal without harsh smell

Formula is non-corrosive to eyes and skin, no PPE needed, no harsh smell. Multi-surface compatible.

Pre-portioned packets are convenient and help control cost

Cleans without harming grout

Phosphate-free, friendly to environment


Used on most surface types in the back and front of the house including vinyl floors, ceramic tile floors, decorator tile floors, poured concrete floors, and a variety of non-porous floor surfaces.

Effective Against/On:

Effective against grease and other soils, without harming grout.

How To Use
  • Fill mop bucket with 4 gallons of warm water.
  • Tear open packet and pour contents into a mop bucket.
  • Using a mop, spread solution on floor.
  • If needed, scrub floor with a deck brush.
  • Rinse with water or wipe up excess solution with mop or squeegee to drain.

Additional notes:


  • Product must be diluted prior to use.
  • Only dilute with hot water.
  • Add 3 US fl oz (88 mL) product to 4 US gal (15 L) hot water.

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