Monogram Clean Force Beverage Equipment Cleaner and Destainer

Specially formulated non-abrasive, concentrated destainer removes tough stains left by coffee, tea and fruit juices.

  • US Foods APN: 1858595
  • Monogram Clean Force Code: 8000429
  • Icon #: K67
  • GTIN Number: 10780852005831
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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits:

Concentrated non-abrasive destainer — Granular compound specially formulated to remove stubborn stains created by coffee, tea, and foods. Concentrated formula penetrates soils faster leaving a gleaming result in no time for a positive guest impression.

Blue dye — Secures employee safety. A blue dye lets employees know that a cleaning solution is at work, guarding against accidental ingestion and skin contact. The blue dye is also stable at high temperatures.

Safe on Most Surfaces — Stable oxygen stain removers make this product safe on plastic, china, and metal surfaces. Ordinary destainers containing chlorine will pit and corrode plastic glaze surfaces and increase the staining problem. Recommended by the makers of melamine plastics.

Effective in All Water Conditions — Destaining action remains powerful in hard or soft water.


Use in hard or soft water conditions

Use on china, plastic and metal surfaces

Effective Against/On:

Coffee, tea and food soils

How To Use

Destaining Plastic and China Dinnerware: Dissolve 1.5 tablespoons of Monogram Clean Force Beverage Equipment Cleaner And Destainer per gallon of water. Keep solution hot between 140° - 160°F. Immerse utensils, let soak until stains are removed. Wash in 3-compartment sink or put them through dish machine.

Destaining Coffee and Tea Makers (Automatic Fill) Insert coffee filter into basket and measure 1.5 tablespoons ofMonogram Clean Force Beverage Equipment Cleaner And Destainer into filter/per one gallon. Run brew cycle — twice if necessary. Flush with clear water until solution is clear.

Destaining Coffee and Tea Dispensers (Portable Type-Thermal) Flush empty container with clear water. Scrub all parts with a solution of Monogram Clean Force Beverage Equipment Cleaner And Destainer, 1/2 to 1 oz. per gallon of hot water. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and invert to air dry.

Dilution Rates:

Destaining plasticware, coffee and tea makers - 1.5 tbsp/ 1 gallon of water

Destaining coffee and tea dispensers - 0.5 - 1 oz/ 1 gallon of water

Additional Notes:

If a coffee maker is made of aluminum, dissolve Monogram Clean Force Beverage Equipment Cleaner And Destainer in another container first. Allow solution to settle, then pour only clear solution into coffee maker. Undissolved solution may etch or discolor aluminum.


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