Monogram Clean Force Laundry Detergent Enzymatic Powder

Heavy duty, powder detergent for commercial and homestyle laundry machines. Ideal for natural, synthetic and blend fabrics.

  • US Foods APN: 7339906
  • Monogram Clean Force Code: 8000504
  • Icon #: L5
  • GTIN Number: 00780852805045
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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits:

Flexible use laundry powder. Applied manually. Effective against protein soils.


Linen, table cloths, bar rags, towels

Effective Against/On:

Powdered detergent containing a balanced blend of inorganic alkaline cleaners, powerful synthetic organic detergents, soil suspending agent, and fabric whitener.

How To Use

For Warm to Hot (120°-160°F) Water Washing: Agitator Machines:

Light Soil: 3-4 oz. Product per load.

Heavy Soil: 6-8 oz. Product per load.

Commercial Front-Loading Machines:

Light Soil: 6 oz. Product per 100 lbs. of linen.

Heavy Soil: 12 oz. Product per 100 lbs. of linen.


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